Welcome to the KINO: The world leading supplier of contact angle meter, surface & interfacial tensiometer &TOF camera
contact angle meter& surface tensiometer

     Leading Tech. & Special Design for you!

→ Leading technology of 3D contact angle meter
→ Leading technology for measuring sandwich effect of surface tension
→ Leading technology of ADSA-RealDrop for contact angle and surface tension
→ Leading technology of solution for ultra high pressure spinning drop and drop
    shape analysis system (Contact angle meter)
→ Leading technology of TOF camera and TOF chip & module

contact angle meter& surface tensiometer

ADSA-RealDrop updates your goniometer to REAL One!

→ Up-to-date arithmetic for optical contact angle measurement
→ Calculating left and right contact angle separately
→ 98% drop shape of surface of solid is  nonaxisymmetry from different side view angle 
→  Circle fitting, ellipse fitting or tangent method by polynomial curve fitting is just a goniometer. It's out of date and has no accuracy at measuring contact angle.

contact angle meter& surface tensiometer

    Perfect Solution of Ultra High Pressure System

→ The Three Musketeers of ultra high pressure system: Spinning drop tensiometer, contact angle meter & interface tensiometer and high pressure density meter
→ Patent Technology for high pressure spinning drop interface tensiometer (max 70MPa and 200℃)
→ Patent Technology for high pressure contact angle meter & interface tensiometer (max 100MPa and 200℃)

About us

KINO Scientific Instrument Inc.(EIN:822853239) is the expert of the interface chemistry instruments and TOF (Time of flight) camera. .ADSA-RealDrop based on the ADSA-P is the main algorithm developed by KINO which is used at the force surface tensiometer (STM), optical contact angle meter (CAM) and spinning drop interfacial tensiometer (SDT).  KINO has an Headquarter in Boston and has one branch office (USA KINO Industry Limited, HongKong) and three strategic investment companies ( ShangHai Solon Information Technology Co., Ltd and KINO Scientific Singapore, KINO Japan).  KINO means Key Information of Nanoscale Object. 

We are willing to share you our experience, manufacturing capability and capability of R&D from our expert around world.  We can special design the machine or unit of machine for you. You can also benefit from our new business model : Rent a contact angle meter, surface tensiometer or spinning drop interface tensiometer from KINO. We want to do more for you except selling a machine to you..... 

Comprehensive Solutions for your application at surface chemistry — KINO's Brand Vision

- As a world's technological pioneer in interfacial science, we are not only keeping pace with the change of new trends and technologies in measurement filed of surface tension, interfacial tension and contact angle, but build your customized interface science for you based on our professional technology and scientific advice.
- We built up confidence from good communication between our clients and KINO's professional engineer, our Legos-like system disign and our rich experience in measuring method of interface science.
- We are your first choice neighbourly parter  in interface science. We can assist and build you customized meter of interface science by Instant Messaging at any time and anywhere around world. 

- We have more than one hundred of video of contact angle meter, surface tensiometer and interface tensiometer to assist you at using meter from us and get more knowlege and skill in the repository from KINO. We promise you a most suitable solution for your measurement of contact angle or surface tension or interface tension of your special sample. 

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