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How to choose KINO's optical contact angle meter and main points for choosing contact angle meter
2019-2-19 17:04:09

How to choose KINO's optical contact angle meter and main points for choosing contact angle meter.

Optical contact angle meter is the instrument of surface chemistry which uses optical lens, camera to capture drop shape of a liquid, finding the drop edge and fitting the drop edge to the Young-Laplace equation or a geometric curve (such as circle, ellipse, or polynomial) , then calculates the contact angle from the tangent at the contact points between the contact line between solid-liquid interface.

In 1983, Pro. A.W.Neumann initiated a new era of modern contact Angle measurement. He Upgraded contact angle meter from goniometer to the meter meets with the application of surface chemistry by the well-known algorithm- ADSA-P. The modern fully automatic video optical contact Angle measuring instrument was developed by the A.W.Neumann team.

8 Points for choosing contact angle meter

1, Method for calculating contact angle?

98% surface of sample have non-axisymmetric drop shape. 

The best: ADSA-RealDrop

The better: Young-Laplace Equation fitting

Goniometer: Circle, Ellipse, Tangent (polynomial)

2,  Does the sample table and lens have multi-tilted stage separately?
Is Driver of it screw or micrometer?

3, Tools for calibration or verification?

3D tool or standard contact angle plate.

4, Is the camera color mono?

Resolution of camera:

2.3M with 3000FPS

Speed of camera:

400FPS or higher

5, How many axis does the machine have?

Screw pitch:2mm?1mm?0.5mm?

Type of driver?

Can it meet the accuracy of 0.01mm

6, Parallel Background Light and

Telecentric Lens?

Does ordinary light source have shades and UV filters?

7, Rotating stage for roll-off angle/Advanced & Receded contact angle? And its accuracy and type of driver?

Whether intrinsic contact angle is measured?

Method for calculating dynamic contact angle?


-Tangent( polynomial) or ellipse


Environment of measurement:

Pressure? Temperature?

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