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We know more about how to get reliable result for your measurement of contact angle, surface tension and interface tension which is Key Information of Nanoscale Object.

Leading in surface chemistry instrument:

2005: KINO first introduced  blue color LED background light into contact angle meter to get sharper and clearer drop shape.
2005: KINO optimized spinning drop interface tensiometer with such technology as emovable and both-ends-fixed sample tube sampling mode (RBSM), full-self-sealed quartz glass tube (FSGT),gas-thermal temperature control mode (GTCM),and build-in heating system.
2005: KINO provide the user with a method name 3th generation Wilhelmy plate method for measuring dynamic contact angle and dynamic surface tension.
2005: KINO was the first company in the world who developed a multi-titled sample stage controlled by micrometer for levelling the surface of sample and provided rotating stage for measurement of roll-off angle and advancing/receding contact angle as stardard unit for contact angle meter.
2006: KINO adopted balance with resolution 10ug and update speed 92data/s made by   METTLER TOLEDO
2006: KINO  implemented such algorithms as double circle fitting methodcurve ruler method, RealDrop method and Spline fitting method ahead of our peers.
2007: A new algorithm named as ADSA-RealDrop method was described for measurement of surface tension based on pendant drop method and contact angle based on sessile drop method.
2007: Such world’s leading technologies as parallel background background light and telecentric lens were first introduced and used at contact angle meter model C60 series. It is very useful technology for you to get sharper and clearer drop shape and will enhance the reliability and accuracy of measured result of contact angle and surface tension.
2008: ADSA-RealDrop method is optimize and can be used to measure contact angle of Non-axisymmetric drop shape.
2008: Spining drop tensiometer with contact angle meter was made by USA KINO.
2009: KINO first adopted function of "image editor" at  drop shape analysis software CAST3.0 for contact angle meter.
2009: We developed a special photostudio for contact angle meter to avoid the influence of the ambient light.
2010: New generation of Wilhelmy plate method which can correcting contact angle and buoyancy based on Young-Laplace equation fitting.
2011: New generation of portable (mobile) contact angle meter with two prism (one for lens and another for background light). So, we can get more clean, clear and high contrast.
2011: New generation of interfacial rheometer based on osillator with close loop.
2012: KINO revealed  bounce behavior of lotus leaf and different bounce behavior between hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface for the first time in the world.
2012: For the first time in the world, USA KINO measured contact angle of lotus leaf (Result is about 160° for fresh leaf and 155° for dry leaf) and contact angle of water strider's leg (155° for living body and about  60° for dead)
2012: We Introduced high speed and resolution camera with USB3.0 interface into contact angle meter model C60 series for the first time in the world.  Speed of camera is 152.0 FPS with Resolution (h x v) 2048 x 1088. Max speed is can reach to 700FPS or higher.
2013: KINO provided videos at youtube for your reference. we have more than 100 videos about contact angle meter and surface tensiometer for your application or getting tips at how to operate your meter made by KINO.
2014: Surface tensiometer with multi function was provide from USA KINO. It can be used to measure surface tension, used as balance and density balance.
2014: KINO invented ultra high pressure (Max 100Mpa) and high temperature (200℃) spinning drop tensiometer for measure IFT under same condition as underground.

2014: We have successfully developed the intrinsic contact angle measuring device, which has realized the calculation and analysis of rolling angle with higher precision. We have introduced new technology into the functions of SL200K series and C60 series contact angle meters, and completed the technical upgrade.
2015: USA KINO invented contac angle meter with three syringe to measure contact angle of three drops at one image and SFE based on acid base method will be calculated realtime.
2015: New generation of interfacial rheometer based on osillator with close loop and it can be controlled temperature up to 200℃ or higher. Again,  we are the world first company who provided a system based on PI (Physik Instrumente ) to get more reliable result of dynamic surface tension or interfacial rheology based on osillating drop method. Max frequency can reach to 200Hz. Using camera with speed about 500FPS, you can measure surface tension or interface tension based on ADSA-RealDrop method.

2015: KINO invented  continuous dosing syringe pump with automatic refilling liquid system for contact angle meter.

2015: KINO invented 3D contact angle meter used a new sample stage for measuring contact angle of same drop from 360°

2015: KINO invented calculating 6 values of contact angles by three drop at one image to calculate surface free energy of solid by acid-base method. This method is very useful due to it can calculate realtime contact angle of the three drop by different liquid. 
2015: New generation of oscillating drop method with ultra high speed system with max 100Hz or 200Hz oscillator.
2016: We exposed sandwich effect of surface tension from measuring surface tension of milk and developed a special method to measure the surface tension at both upper and lower layer of interface.We have applied a patent in China for this method and it's very useful for print, paint, wafer, milk, etc.
2016: We are the first one who use color camera for optical contact angle meter and spinning drop interface tensiometer. You can find the edge of drop shape by color camera and blue backgroud light.
2017: We invented the 3D contact angle lens for measuring contact angle. You can measure multiple contact angle from different side view angle at one image, calculate the values of contact angle for both of them.
2017: We applied TOF camera in the contact angle meter to measure 3D contact angle.

2017: We proposed ADSA-RealDrop is the real method for measuring contact angle. Other methods such as WH method, circle fitting,  ellipse fitting (or double ellipse curve fitting method), tangent method using polynomial curve fitting method are goniometer method.  Young-Laplace equation method is the entry level method for measure contact angle really due to Due to the correction of the gravity coefficient and calculating the contact angle and surface tension together. But Young-Laplace equation method can only be used for axisymmetric drop shape. The real drop shape of 98% surface of solid is nonaxisymmetric  drop shape. So, only ADSA-RealDrop based on ADSA-P can be used calculate nonaxisymmetric drop shape.
2018: We developed a calibration tool which uses Ruby Ball instead of rod for spinning drop interface tensiomer.
2016: KINO proposed sandwich effect of surface tension and interfacial tension for measuring dynamic surface and interfacial tension.
2016: KINO invented a system with multi-syringe (3, or 4) for measuring realtime surface free energy.
2017: KINO invented special designed lens with multi  prisms for measuring a 3D contact angle.
2018: KINO designed a special syringe for measuring surface tension of melted liquid with constrained sessile drop method and pendant drop method.
2018: KINO proposed a drop type named microdrop method for measuring contact angle to state the Wenzel-Cassie model.
2018: KINO proposed a method for measuring surface tension for melted Non Newtonian fluid.
2018: KINO disigned a special calibration tool with a Ruby Ball for spinning drop tensiometer to enhance the accurancy of measurement of interfacial tension
2019:KINO improved the accurancy of measuring low contact angle value such as lower than 10 degree with multi tilted sample stage controlled by micrometer.
2019:KINO disigned a special method for 3D contact angle with top view method.
2020:KINO designed a portable surface tension meter with a very attractive price.


Comprehensive Solutions for your application at surface chemistry — KINO's Brand Vision

- As a world's technological pioneer in interfacial science, we are not only keeping pace with the change of new trends and technologies in measurement filed of surface tension, interfacial tension and contact angle, but build your customized interface science for you based on our professional technology and scientific advice.
- We built up confidence from good communication between our clients and KINO's professional engineer, our Legos-like system disign and our rich experience in measuring method of interface science.
- We are your first choice neighbourly parter 
 in interface science. We can assist and build you customized meter of interface science by Instant Messaging at any time and anywhere around world. 
- We have more than one hundred of video of contact angle meter, surface tensiometer and interface tensiometer to assist you at using meter from us and get more knowlege and skill in the repository from KINO. We promise you a most suitable solution for your measurement of contact angle or surface tension or interface tension of your special sample. 

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