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PowerPoint file for contact angle meter: View angle of lens and its affect
2019-2-19 17:04:16

PowerPoint file for contact angle meter: View angle of lens and its affect.

(1) The view angle of lens is very important in measuring the contact angle. It will obviously affect the results of the contact angle measurement. The control accuracy of the view angle is less than 0.5 degrees. At the same time, the view angle is particularly prominent in the portable contact angle measuring meter due to its special optical path refraction structure. Unless we want to demonstrate or curious about the impact of the view angle on the contact angle of these two types of instruments, we do not recommend that users choose our portable contact angle meter or optical path refraction structure for the time being. For different opinions, we welcome email to us. We will change our opinions in time according to the technological progress.

(2) In the process of contact angle measurement, the problem of view angle  is how to ensure or realize by the tilted control of lens and multi tilted sample stage drove by micrometer at the same time. Note that what we are referring to here is the concept of adjusting the levelness both of lens and sample stage rather than just the level of only one of the lens or sample stage. At the same time, the accuracy of the levelness control should be within 0.5 degrees. At present, the Contact Angle meter of KINO, especially the SL200K and C60 series, is the most real Contact Angle meter that meets the above requirements because of the following functions or components:

Firstly, ADSA-RealDrop algorithm can be provided to analyze and measure contact angle based on Young-Laplace equation fitting algorithm under non-axisymmetric conditions, automatically correct the influence of gravity or buoyancy, and synthetically analyze surface tension, interface tension and contact angle.

Secondly, it provides the function of adjusting the three-dimensional tilting of the lens (the precision adjusting of the rolling angle platform is 0.01 degree and the tilted stage for lens reaches 0.01 mm) and the independent adjusting mechanism of the sample stage (the micrometer ensures the accuracy of  0.01 mm). It can realize the levelness adjustment function of the sample stage and the lens in the three-dimensional space at the same time.

Third, color HD camera, from now on contact angle measurement is no longer "color blindness“

Fourth, a ruby ball calibration tool is provided to calibrate and verification the contact angle meter, so as to truly solve the influence of view angle on the contact angle measuring value (it is recommended that the contact angle meter be calibrated and verified once a year).

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