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PowerPoint file for contact angle meter: design of hardware
2019-2-19 17:04:24

PowerPoint file for contact angle meter: design of hardware.

According to the role played in measuring the contact angle, the typical optical contact angle meter mainly includes the following functional modules. Each functional module can also be provided by different components, and the  specification and implementation methods of each component are different.
Driver of machinery. We suggest you choose optical linear stage from such manufactory  as Sigma, Suruga or Newport. 

At present, there are three main types of frame for contact angle meter: (1) open type; (2) cabinet rack  type ; (3) portable.

The special design of turnable frame for the dosing system can be used to solve the rotation angle limitation in measuring roll-off angle.

And more, it's convenience of Sampling and installing the syringe.

The main functions and performance indicators of this part include: (1) the size of the sample table; (2) the XY axis movement control machinery; (3) the Z axis movement control machinery; (4) the level adjustment unit of the sample stage. The key to the accuracy of mechanical structure lies in the screw pitch, that is, the distance of moving in a circle of rotation, the smaller the better.

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