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High pressure contact angle meter instrument installation attention details can not be ignored
2019-1-30 9:40:30
The high pressure contact angle meter is specifically designed for contact angles, interfacial tension (oil-water) and surface tension (oil-gas) under pressure and temperature conditions. The system has a high pressure of 70 MPa and a temperature range of -30-200 ° C. It can be widely used to test interface chemical properties with pressure and temperature changes. Specially designed heating bath, specially designed to heat viscosity samples such as crude oil, thus providing the instrument for the oilfield industry to analyze the interfacial tension between crude oil and ternary and binary liquid under different pressure conditions, to low oil - The water interface tension value can reach 0.001 mN/m. At the same time, with the special atmosphere interface, the liquid-vapor surface tension values ??under different pressure and temperature conditions, such as the surfactant surface water and carbon dioxide surface tension values, can be analyzed.
Pay attention to the installation of high pressure contact angle meter:
1. After the equipment is unpacked, first check whether the accessories are complete according to the packing list. If the accessories are missing, please contact the supplier immediately.
2. Install the high-voltage contact angle measuring instrument on a stable, vibration-free workbench and adjust the device to a level according to the level indicator.
3. Mount the industrial camera and microscope head assembly to the focusing bracket and ensure that the mounting is secure. The industrial camera should be in a horizontal position. If it is not determined, it can be adjusted according to the baseline after the software is installed.
4. Unscrew the dripper assembly from the middle knurled position, draw the attached syringe into the test fluid, install it, and let the needle up, rotate the micrometer, and expel the air from the needle. Then install the dripper onto the dripper holder and tighten.
5. Install the computer near the device and connect the contact angle meter to the computer according to the interface instructions. Both the contact angle meter and the computer use a single-phase three-wire power supply with reliable grounding protection.
high pressure contact angle meter performance:
1, measuring the static contact angle
2. Measuring the interfacial tension of the liquid
The high pressure contact angle meter can measure the contact angle and interfacial tension under normal temperature, normal pressure, high temperature and high pressure conditions. It is used to study the surface/interface properties of water, oil, surfactant solution and other liquids in high temperature and high pressure environments, as well as the wettability of solids such as rocks and the above liquids under high temperature and high pressure.
The high pressure contact angle meter is heated by software control program to a high temperature of 1800 ° C, and can be widely used in aerospace materials, metallurgical industry, welding materials and other research fields. The high pressure contact angle meter is mainly composed of a contact angle measuring instrument host, a high-temperature vacuum furnace, a control cabinet, a vacuum pump, a software measuring and processing system.

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