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Measuring contact angle with triple drops by contact angle meter from KINO
2019-2-19 15:11:50

In this video, we used contact angle meter model SL200KS to measure contact angle by triple drops. This technology is first used in the world by us. We used circle fitting method in this video as the demo. You must update the camera and lens, dosing system so that carrying the measurement as shown in the video. By this technology, you can easy measure surface free energies via times. Mean while, you can get a live SFE based on Acid-base method (Lifshitz van der Waals method) by just one image with triple drops. It's so easy to get more suitable SFE of your sample. And, Acid-base is a more wide used method than Owens method which only is used two drops to calculate the SFE. Visit http://www.usakino.com to find more information about our contact angle meter, contact angle goniometer and surface tensiometer.

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