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The contact angle meter is affordable and has many advantages
2019-2-19 9:14:44
The price of contact angle meter is very affordable and can be purchased with confidence. The entry-level static contact angle analyzer tests the contact angle of liquid on a solid surface, the surface tension of a liquid, and the surface energy of a solid based on the principle of optical image analysis. Estimate of the points. It is widely used in surface treatment effect analysis and cleanliness testing in industries such as spray coating, coating, glass, aluminum foil, electronic components and cleaning.
The contact angle meter is a fully automated and intelligent contact angle meter with high automation and excellent functions. It includes all functions of Type A, Type B and Type C. On the basis of it, an automatic three-dimensional translation and lifting sample stage is added, and an automatic sample loading device is combined to realize a fully automatic and time-repeated and controllable measurement method.
Contact Angler Product Overview:
1. The contact angle meter is mainly used to measure the contact angle of liquid to solid, that is, the wettability of liquid to solid.
2. The contact angle meter can measure the contact angle of various liquids to various materials, including plates and wires. The powder can also be measured after it has been compacted. At the same time, it can be compared and measured in different ways.
3. This type of instrument has the advantages of convenient operation and good reliability; the main components are imported, with high measurement accuracy and high repeatability.
Contact angle meter product features:
* With adjustable backlight plane parallel cold light source to ensure high image clarity and no distortion;
* The time for collecting images can be arbitrarily set, and images can be collected manually or periodically.
* The stage can be moved in three dimensions to achieve multiple tests on one sample;
* The titrator can be adjusted up to 40mm, 50mm to the left and right, and the titration is convenient;
* Adopt industrial digital camera for image acquisition, continuous zoom, continuous adjustment of image brightness, high image clarity, and improved accuracy and accuracy of measurement data;
* Instrument PC control, easy to install, easy to use, suitable for video test system of any version above WINDOWS98 and XP, the system is very user-friendly, easy to operate, easy to test, with test report, test report can be saved, read, printed ;
* Specimens can be measured for sheets or profiles and equipped with corresponding fixtures.
Application range of contact angle meter: Using high-resolution industrial camera and microscope head, take a picture of the solid-liquid-gas three-phase interface to obtain a clear interface image, and obtain the dynamic and static contact angle and surface energy of different liquids after infiltration of materials. parameter.
The contact angle meter has so many advantages, the quality is also guaranteed, and the price of contact angle meter is still quite cheap. What users are waiting for this product, you can buy it.
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