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Contact Angles and Surface Free Energy Measurement
2019-2-15 15:57:10

Contact angle and surface free energy measurement testing.

Contact angle and surface free energy testing determine wetting characteristics, static and dynamic measurements. Intertek provides contact angle and surface free energy analysis and measurement for a wide range of materials and applications. Materials scientists provide expertise and capabilities to analyse materials surface free energy and contact angles, for determination of wetting characteristics, static, and dynamic measurments. The test data produced gives clients useful materials information for crucial applications and requirements.

Contact angle and surface free energy measurement:

  • Image-Capture Contact Angle Measuring Instrument
  • Surface Free Energies
  • Interfacial Energies (Surface Tension)
  • Advanced and Receded Contact Angles
  • Pendant Drop
  • Kinetic Studies (Movies at 50 frames/second)
  • Wettability Envelopes
  • Ambient and Elevated Temperature Capability for Solids and Liquids (up to 400 °C)

Applications of contact angle and surface free energy analysis:

  • Detection of Surface Treatments and Ageing on Polymers and Materials
  • Technical Material Property Determination for Specification, QC or indication of Coating Faults
  • Wetting Characteristics of Single Fibres for Composite Development
  • Surfactant Kinetic Interfacial Energy Studies for Processes including Polymerisation
  • Matching of Ink and Substrate Wetting Characteristics to avoid ‘Bleed’ or ‘Bead’
  • Adsorption Studies for Paper, Wood, Waterproof-breathable Fabrics etc.
  • Personal Care and Consumer Goods products
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