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KINO's new technology for measuring interfacial tension by Wilhelmy plate method based on Young-Laplace equation fitting
2019-2-15 13:25:16

In 2015, USA KINO has developed a new techology for measuring interfacial tension between liquid-fluid system such as water and oil by Wilhelmy plate method. This technology we name it as Wilhelmy plate method based on Young-Laplace equation fitting. We will correct and reduce the effect of contact angle and buoyancy automatically by the equation of Young-Laplace. So, When we measured interfacial tension for fluorocarbon surfactant with surface tension about 18mN/m and water system, we can easy get a result with 2mN/m. And it was almost same as the measured result by pendant drop method by ADSA-RealDrop from KINO.  But if you try to measure interfacial tension by Wilhelmy plate before, you may easy get such result as 1-2mN/m or even lower than 0mN/m. How can it be true? So with our new method, you can get a more suitable result. For example, we measured an other sample - aromatic hydrocarbon oil with surface tension about 28.5mN/m.  We used Wilhelmy plate method and DuNouy ring method and pendant drop method (ADSA-RealDrop from KINO), results from these three methods almost kept same at 16mN/m.

Please be noted that with our new method which we name it as Wilhelmy plate method based on Young-Laplace equation fitting, you can measure surface tension of  cationic surface active agent and sample with high viscosity (below 1000CP.S). It is more advantaged than any other company's. And we have applied patent in China for this technology.

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